Take the Challenge – Become an Author!

Taking a challenge made me an author! After 30 years as a communication consultant and public speaking coach, I am now available on Amazon and B&N! Here’s the story behind my success.

I was having coffee with a colleague, a peak performance coach, who was working on his second book. When I said I was writing as well, he asked me when my first draft would be done. Since I had just begun, I had no idea. He urged me to set a date and I did, two months later.

Ed pulled out a check for $1000 from his wallet, and said,

“When clients default on their commitments, they have to pay me this amount. But since you’re a friend, you’ll just have to take me and my fiancée to dinner at our favorite restaurant”.

I sighed the sigh of monetary relief, and thought, “The most risk I’d be taking if I default would be $500”.

“Deal”! I said.

And as we were shaking hands, Ed added,  

“And our favorite restaurant is in Paris.”

There was no way I was going to spring for their second honeymoon, especially when I was in need of a much deserved vacation myself. Needless to say, I made my deadline, and published my book just one year later (and now I’m planning my own trip abroad as my reward)!

Bottom line: hold yourself accountable, and your dreams have a chance to come true!

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