Speaking that Connects offers public workshops for
individuals and community organizations.


Networking that Connects
Introduce yourself with ease and creativity at your next networking event. You’ll leave this workshop with three new ways to describe your business that will make you memorable.

Story & the Presentation Connection
Set yourself apart by engaging your listeners with a story.  Use it to open your presentation or to reinforce a key presentation point.  Learn the “just right” timing that sustains audience attention.

4 Points of Connection: Presentation Excellence
Grow your presentations to the next level of excellence with 4 Points of Connection.  Understand and integrate the four areas of connection to raise the bar on your presentation game. Connect with your audience, material, inner self and physical self and deliver presentations that are mutually satisfying for you and your audience.

Listening that Connects
Most people take listening for granted. After all, we aren’t really taught to listen as we were taught to read or write. Develop listening awareness and improve your attention.  Learn the intervention strategies that will support your listening journey.

Leadership Presence: Integrating the Silent & Invisible
What are the ingredients of a great Leader?  What makes leaders stand out from the crowd?  Great leaders have more than knowledge and experience. This talk focuses on the silent and invisible -- aspects of “being” that drive effective leadership.

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