What do you do when you seriously want to be “BETTER” at something-- like golf, tennis, dieting, playing the guitar, saxophone or piano, dancing, drawing, painting, cooking, martial arts (the list goes on and on)? After you speak to your friends, family and colleagues and research the internet, many of you will JOIN A CLASS OR FIND A GOOD COACH.

Once you commit to a class or individual instruction, you want the TRAINING OR COACHING  to be “just right,” TARGETED and HELPFUL.   You will most likely also want the instructor or SUBJECT EXPERT to be credible, likeable and adept at conveying the information in an ENGAGING, CREATIVE AND DYNAMIC way.  Finally, you will want the cost to represent value and the logistics to be reasonable.

Eileen N. Sinett,, created Speaking that Connects to support your COMMUNICATION COMPETENCE AND PERFORMANCE and  promote your ability to communicate with confidence, deliver a clear message and connect with your listeners.

We understand the complexity of communication and the competitive nature of the world and want you to perform at YOUR BEST when speaking, presenting, selling, and leading.