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Live vs. Virtual Presentations:  What Matters!

What works in live meetings does not work so well remotely.  There are challenges for many professionals working from home, participating in virtual meetings and communicating remotely in the courtroom.  However, there are many professionals who prefer conducting business in digital platforms and perceive benefits more than liabilities.

What are the elements of a strong face to face presentation and what techniques work best virtually?  What are the digital challenges and what are some of the benefits? How has going remote helped or hurt your style?

Participants are encouraged to reflect on their own communication preferences, speaking and listening style and business situations.  Perspectives and stories can be shared indirectly in a chat, or expressed directly during the Q & A. The goal is greater self-awareness and enhanced communication presence.

Being Present, Staying Present, Growing Presence

How to Stay Present at Virtual Meetings

“Staying” present, implies “being” present, so it’s important to start by understanding what presence is and what it is not.  If you’re a Boomer like me you may remember roll-call in grade school when your name was called and you raised your hand and either called out: “here” or “present!”   Being physically present, basically just showing up, is definitely a beginning to being present.

However, we all know there are times when we are physically in a space, but mentally “out to lunch.” Now with work-from-home decrees and back to back Zoom meetings, our ability to be and stay present is for many, a major “stretch-assignment.” Minds wander or lose focus because of both internal and external distractions.

The question is:  how do we as virtual meeting participants manage this tendency to drift off?   How do we strengthen the “muscles” of attending, listening, staying interested, being patient, being as fully present as possible, especially while working from home with all its competing demands?

Share your challenges and learn some tips to strengthen the muscle of presence.

A Different Perspective on Body Language

More and more business is being conducted remotely.  Though participants on Zoom, Microsoft Teams and other digital platforms may all have the same rectangular space, the fact remains that people as a species, make judgments, consciously or unconsciously.  For interviews, leadership, and presenting online, there are guidelines to enhance what you say and how you say it.  Small adjustments can make a huge impact. Lighting, sound, backgrounds, remote comfort level, eye contact and virtual communication etiquette are elements that can impact both confidence and performance.

For individual coaching, recordings video and audio recordings supplement coaching feedback.

Body Language for Remote

Two people can deliver the same presentation, wear identical outfits and have the same posture, but will not be clones of the other. Like their DNA, they are unique. Their attitudes, backgrounds, experiences, confidence levels and presence impact their communication. Our inner feelings and thoughts also influence our physical behavior.  However, there are some basic “body language” tools that can support your speaking: for networking, interviews, presentations, and interpersonal relationships. Learn and practice some non-verbal tools that support your spoken communication and enhance your networking, interviewing, presentation, and interpersonal relationship success.

Networking Introductions that Connect

Do you cringe at the idea of introducing yourself at networking groups, or maybe “pull it off” but second-guess your effectiveness? Do you remember others’ network introductions or do they “go in one ear and out the other?”  If any of these are true for you, believe me you’re not alone! Introduce yourself with ease and creativity at your next networking event. (you repeated this below – delete the yellow)

Introduce yourself with ease and creativity at your next networking event. Learn and practice 3 new ways to describe your business that will make you memorable.

These programs are 1-hour webinars. Content can also be customized for your specific organizational needs.  Interactive and ongoing workshops on these topics are available upon request.