Eileen N. Sinett

When a major reorganization caused me to lose my dream job in 1978 and I couldn’t find comparable employment, I became self-employed and opened a “private practice.“ Equipped with a Masters Degree in Communication Improvement and a Bachelor’s in Speech Pathology, I thought I would continue to help people with physical, emotional and learning challenges to improve their speech, language and communication.

Instead, a different population wanted my services. Professionals, large corporations, small business owners and college graduates wanted help with business communications:  public speaking, interviewing, accent modification, elocution and sales.

That was the beginning of my transition from clinical therapist to Business Consultant, Communication Trainer and Executive Presentation Coach.

I called my business Comprehensive Communication Services which more recently became Speaking that Connects.  And while the name has changed, the mission has remained constant, to promote confidence, clarity and connection in speakers worldwide.


I observe and listen deeply to clients' wants and needs. Then, blending science with art, data with intuition and emotional intelligence with knowledge, create a targeted and personalized process that guides clients to achieve their communication goals.

As coach, trainer, facilitator, and keynote speaker, my goal is to enhance communication awareness, communication competence and communication performance in business professionals.

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Eileen’s support has been invaluable in meeting tight deadlines. Her ability to simplify complexity and select language that showcases my expertise has been a great asset in my career.

~ Kathy Shipman, CeNeRx BioPham

Wow!!! Eileen Sinett is the complete package. She helps you punch your talk up to the next level of success. She is totally committed to bringing out the best in you and balances high sincerity with strong focus, which makes it a pleasure to work with her.

~ Mark Riesenberg, Human Resources Unlimited, LLC