Media Coaching: Virtual & In-Person

Media coaching helps professionals connect with live or invisible audiences. While dynamic video production depends on strategic writing, clean camera work and strong post-production editing, it also depends on speakers and presenters, who are comfortable in the presence of news reporters, television lighting crews and radio show hosts.

Not all talented people are at ease when photographed, videotaped, learning a script, working with a teleprompter or being the voice of a webinar.  Media coaching nurtures authenticity and brings your business advertisements, new product introductions, sales presentations and corporate addresses to the next level of excellence.

  Use Media Coaching...

  • When your key message is “cloudy”
  • To reduce video “takes” and project costs
  • If you appear stiff, slur your words, or hesitate
  • If you feel nervous in front of a camera or reporter

Media coaching is customized for the individual, company or production group.

  Media Coaching can involve...

  • Working with a teleprompter
  • Meeting with the creative production team
  • Review of client videotapes, scripts and slides
  • Voice training, stage presence, image consulting

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