Leadership & Communication Essentials

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Women’s Leadership

Expanding Confidence, Influence and Communication Performance 

This program identifies barriers to effective workplace communication and provides communication strategies to influence effective change and development.  Selected modules can be delivered as an introductory webinar. However, the interactive nature of this program makes it ideal for small group training /coaching delivered in a series of sessions.

  • The Elements of Communication: Speech/Voice/Language/Listening/Intention
  • Stories of Miscommunication
  • Male and Female Communication Differences
  • Beliefs, Attitudes and Fear: Power and Performance.
  • Speaking up; Being Silent
  • Capitalizing on the Non-verbal
  • Presenting at your Best – Remotely
  • Creating Connection and Engagement

Pre-training customization is recommended for this program.

Developing Your Linguistic Options

Language is infinite, yet we tend to communicate from habit.  Conflict is often caused by one person’s reaction to another person’s words.  In this talk or workshop, you will learn to capitalize on your linguistic options to ensure your listener understands you just as you wanted to be understood.

Diversity and Unconscious Bias

We all have preferences:  strawberry ice cream or butter pecan?  But In the workplace, it’s unfortunately not that simple. How do we navigate our differences with mutual respect and own and neutralize bias?

This is a facilitated small group program that creates trust and support.  Participants identify issues and insights that help heal individual and group divisive behavior.  By becoming more self-aware, sharing our stories and examining what we say or don’t say, we can “re-language” our communication and influence the positive.

Listening that Connects

Most people take listening for granted. After all, we aren’t really taught to listen as we were taught to read or write. Only 2% of professionals report receiving any direct education in listening.  However, listening can be heightened and enhanced which leads to improved communication.  When communication is strengthened, productivity, relationships and business and social outcomes are positively impacted.

Learn to listen differently and apply listening intervention strategies that support personal and professional communication success.

These programs are 1-hour webinars. Content can also be customized for your specific organizational needs.  Interactive and ongoing workshops on these topics are available upon request.