Interview Coaching: Virtual & In-Person

Eileen working with young professionalsApplying for a job often begins with an online experience, but once your resume becomes of interest, you get a telephone or face-to-face interview. Accents, speech rate and voice definitely influence your listener’s attention, understanding and buy-in.  Physical and behavioral habits can also make or break your first impression.

Interview coaching supports interviewee’s confidence by teaching skills that support presence and relationship-building.

Coaching is for high school and college graduates, professionals in transition and employees making lateral or upward change.


Areas of coaching can include:

  • How to respond to difficult questions
  • Articulating your value proposition
  • Handshakes and eye contact
  • Speaking and listening balance
  • Clothing and hairstyle
  • Voice intonation and modulation
  • Accent and language

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Your advice made a huge difference…especially listening to my words. It is not easy but it does help to be succinct and enables you to answer the questions asked. It is a great process.

~ Kevin P. Aspell, Coach and NFP Executive

I had a new hire orientation today and it went easier than usual. I slowed down, paused and maintained eye contact with the new hires, just as you taught me. It went really well.

~ Inna Scully, Certified HR Professional