Presenting to a very large audience?

Fearful or anxious speaking to groups?

Competing for a promotion or a new job?

Capturing interest with a creative story?

Accent compromising your presentation?

Wanting to align your new Team’s messaging?


In each of these situations, you COMMUNICATE --- your experience, knowledge, expertise, leadership and trust.  And this communication depends on HOW you communicate. With Eileen N. Sinett’s coaching and the 4 Points of Connection, you fine-tune techniques to overcome communication barriers, integrate communication competencies and raise the bar on your communication performance.

The result is mutual satisfaction for you and your audience
as you speak with confidence, clarity and connection.

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4 Points of Connection is the Core of Speaking that Connects’ Offerings.

Do you speak...

Succinctly  Professionally  Emphatically  Confidently  Clearly  Deliberately?

or with...

Anxiety  Fear  Insufficient Information  Too Much Detail  In a Monotone?



Speaking that Connects understands the power of HOW and wants you to SPEAK at your best. Whatever communication situation you encounter, be it interview, presentation, trade show conversation, meeting discussion, training, facilitation, keynote, sales, networking, introductions, toast or roast, HOW you say WHAT you say is your ticket to success.  And 4 Points of Connection will get you there.


4 Points of Connection is the core of Speaking that Connects’ programs.

It integrates four essential elements of effective communication, so you not only succeed and shine, but feel good about your performance.

Ready to find out more?

Contact Eileen N. Sinett today to discuss coaching and training for your Corporate Teams to raise the bar on your Leadership Communication.

In today’s global environment, exceptional communication skills are key. Collaborating with Eileen has enhanced my ability to influence large and diverse audiences. 

~ Ather Williams, On Point Consulting and Coaching, Formerly VP Safety, J&J

My presentation at my company’s quarterly Vision meeting was a HUGE success! I felt prepared and confident and received positive feedback from many professionals at all levels of the organization. Your coaching direction to personalize the information, really brought the message home. Thank you for your vision and collaboration.

~ Amy West. Sr. Director, Patient Centric Marketing, Novo Nordisk