Executive Speech Coaching: Virtual & In-Person

Undeniably most Senior Leaders and Subject Matter Experts are intelligent and experienced. However, all strong leaders and brilliant subject matter experts are not strong speakers, but they could be. Leaders influence their employees and audiences by communicating their Vision, Values and Strategy. This is accomplished through conversation, discussion, and presentation with Executive Teams, via Town Hall Meetings, Corporate Videos and Conference Keynotes.

Whether their remarks are short, such as introducing the recipient of an award, or longer, as in being the keynote speaker at a Fund-raising event, the audience wants people at the top to showcase their knowledge and communicate it well. Business-savvy executives and cutting edge scientists who are dynamic communicators rally individuals to follow their lead. If you are an executive whose communication is not what you want it to be, consider some executive speech coaching.


Leadership Challenges

  • Unclear messaging
  • Slurred, disfluent, or mispronounced speech
  • Mispronunciation of surnames
  • Speaking on video
  • Speaking in the round to 5000 or more
  • Preparing and rehearsing a speech to 15,000
  • Selecting and telling the right stories
  • Speaking with teleprompters
  • Speaking to an unfamiliar culture
  • Determining the need for slides
  • Managing technology

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I presented yesterday and I thought it went well. What was evident was that what I talked about reverberated in the language the team was using the rest of Day 1 and Day 2. Thanks for your help. The way you helped me simplify the deck made it much more effective.

~ Sandy Lee, Director Worldwide Fleet Safety, J&J

Eileen is an expert in communication and has significantly transformed my ability to present to high level executives but also to have an impact during any communication moment. She is just fantastic.

~Jean Pierre Clement, Sanofi, Janssen