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Create an Exceptional Multicultural Workforce

Are you aware that approximately 20% of the US workforce speaks English as a second language*?  In many instances, these employees are fully competent in their jobs, yet at times, lack the speech, language and listening competencies to communicate most effectively. A lack of understanding of communication nuances and speech differences can impede workplace productivity and certainly hinder the career mobility of these professionals.

If your organization faces these issues, we have the solution: 4 Points of Connection PLUSThis is a tailored communication program that addresses cultural awareness, communication confidence and presentation performance. The foundation of the program is a presentation training process that addresses both, multicultural issues and presentation best practices.  Group training is paired with or followed by individual and small group coaching, customized to facilitate individual communication needs.

Participants emerge from this process equipped with tools that support their speaking confidence and communication performance for business conversations, discussions and presentations.

The bottom line is that when professionals clearly understand each other, ideas become more actionable. Processes and procedures are executed seamlessly and in a timely manner, promoting business objectives that translate to increased productivity.

*United States’ Census Bureau, data from the 2013 American Community Survey (ACS)

Support your global and multicultural workforce with 4 Points of Connection PLUS!

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Ahhhhh – I nailed it!! The ENTIRE audience was engaged whether out of interest or fear but lots of buzz during some key points and coming out of the closing. I even totally forgot to give the addressable example in the beginning but was able to still stay flexible enough to weave it in without tripping myself up. And I walked the room! Thank you so much for your help and I look forward to partnering together in the future.

~ Kathleen Herowanto, Patient Centric Marketing, Novo Nordisk

I am fortunate to have started working with Eileen while I was pursuing my doctoral degree. As I navigate through my professional career, Eileen has given me solid, clear guidance that propels me forward. With each new challenge, Eileen provides me with constructive feedback and suggests approaches that have effectively led to resolutions and progress. Thanks to Eileen’s coaching, I am more confident, better equipped, and feel assured that I will continue to achieve the professional goals I have set for myself.

~ Veleka Allen, PhD Director, Clinical Sciences, CHDI Foundation