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Trade Show Conversations

Your company has invested a serious amount of money into this trade show to attract attention to its products and services.  But how do you turn a browser into a buyer?  What do you say that works?  What do you not say, that works?  How do you effectively connect and engage, obtain and qualify leads and transform interest into business?

Whether a first-timer or seasoned performer at the trade show booth, you need to be memorable and, you have only one shot to differentiate yourself from the competition.

You will learn to:

  • Refine and practice their 30-second pitch
  • Power up confidence by overcoming distractions
  • Capitalize on energetic and non-verbal skills to enhance presence and engagement
  • Trouble-shoot a difficult trade show situation through role-play


Speaking for Sales

As Daniel H. Pink writes, “To Sell is Human.” Whether you are an employee wanting buy-in on a new perspective, an interviewee vying for a position, networker or entrepreneur promoting a small business or a fundraiser asking for support, we use our communication skills to influence others.   Presenting an argument, being heard and achieving desired outcomes have everything to do with our relationship skills and communication style.

Please join this interactive presentation which highlights key elements of sales: authenticity, listening, connection, questioning, and persuasive presentation. Learn a tool for designing a “tried and true” pitch to positively influence your listeners.  This program is for professionals at all levels.

These programs are 1-hour webinars. Content can also be customized for your specific organizational needs.  Interactive and ongoing workshops on these topics are available upon request.