Communication Performance Coaching: Virtual & In-Person

Communication Performance Coaching helps refine verbal and non-verbal communication styles, so professionals can be the best that they can be -- both personally and professionally. The goal is communication that connects:  communication that is understood as you intended it for conversations, discussions and presentations.

If your communication does not “get through,” and you have communication “disconnects,” you may need tools that you don’t have in your toolkit.  To communicate effectively, learn to “tweak” your style so your listener really “gets” what you are saying.

Here are some examples of complaints I have encountered as a Coach:


  • Voice too soft
  • Needs to share data confidently
  • Needs virtual communication skills
  • Too heavy-handed
  • Needs to be a better team player
  • Interrupts and is long-winded
  • Needs to speak succinctly and allow others to speak
  • Needs to speak up at meetings
  • Colleagues need to hear the employee’s value
  • Is not assertive
  • Needs to push back or ask for resources
  • Needs to be more of an ambassador and network internally
  • Speaks with a heavy accent
  • Has too many “fillers” (um’s, er’s, you-knows, I mean’s)


  • Doesn’t get to the point
  • Uses odd gestures
  • Is defensive and controlling
  • Needs to improve image
  • Writes poorly
  • Writes with a disrespectful tone
  • Writes too much for an email
  • Presents poorly
  • Reads slides
  • Needs to engage audience
  • Has too many slides
  • Mispronounces words
  • Too detailed
  • Doesn’t listen

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BTW, I used my new elevator pitch again on Saturday and got some very favorable responses!!!! It was given a contact inside one of my target companies!! I am glad I attended your workshop where you encouraged me to take a risk and change. Thank you!

~ Andrew Manns, Jr., Esq Community Leadership Engagement Consultant

WOW! Wow is all I can say! I felt better, it went better than it ever would have without meeting you. Thank you, thank you, thank you! The story landed and the presentation was interactive and engaging. People were psyched!!

~ Katie Curran, Director, Positive Proof