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Executive Speech Coaching

Undeniably most senior leaders and subject matter experts are intelligent and experienced. However, all strong leaders and brilliant subject matter experts are not strong speakers, though they could be with a little direction and guidance from a professional speech coach.

Communication Performance Coaching

Communication Performance Coaching helps refine verbal and non-verbal communication styles, so professionals can be the best that they can be - both personally and professionally. The goal is communication that connects: communication that is understood as you intended it for conversations, discussions and presentations.

Interview Coaching 

Applying for a job often begins with an online experience, but once your resume becomes of interest, you get a telephone or face-to-face interview. Accents, speech rate and voice definitely influence your listener’s attention, understanding and buy-in. Physical and behavioral habits can also make or break your first impression.

Media Coaching

Media coaching helps professionals connect with live or invisible audiences. While dynamic video production depends on strategic writing, clean camera work and strong post-production editing, it also depends on speakers and presenters, who are comfortable in the presence of news reporters, television lighting crews and radio show hosts.