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Inclusive Leadership – November 15, 2016

Inspire people to be more open to differences and illuminate the value of a diverse workforce!  This presentation will anchor Diversity of Thought as a Business Competitive Advantage, communicated via facts and case histories.  It highlights “next level” communications and how underutilized tools like listening and asking questions have the power to bridge cultures and […]

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Networking to Connect – August 2016

Networking is not about collecting the most business cards at a business event. It is about greeting and meeting new people, participating in conversations, attentive and authentic listening, and asking questions.  It is also about your personal presence and planting seeds for further business interactions.  In this that program, you will learn how to: Create […]

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Four Points of Connection – June 2016

In this introduction to my signature presentation program, 4 Points of Connection, you will experience how planning and organization drive presence, engagement and professional delivery. You will also experience how silence, an often, overlooked presentation attribute, supports clear messaging and audience interest.  This is an interactive presentation so, be ready to participate and have your […]

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