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Diverse Client Reactions about Working from Home

Week #2 of Isolation With clients working from home, few corporate emails are being returned and undoubtedly this is not the best time to get a decision-maker’s ear and introduce “services.” I am aware of feeling shut-in and too silent and decide to make a few calls. Calls by phone. Calls to client cellphones. Calls […]

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Bridge Communication Gaps within a Diverse Workforce

While most multicultural employees are fully competent in their jobs, there are times when pronunciation, language and listening gaps impair effective communication. The inability to fully understand communication nuances and speech differences hinders productivity and most certainly, the career mobility of these individuals. Recently I piloted a public speaking and storytelling event with a culturally-diverse […]

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Behind the Fear of Speaking

The fear of public speaking has ranked higher than death, going to the dentist, and getting divorced. Depending on which survey you read, snakes and warfare may outrank public speaking but only by a small margin. Why are people so petrified to speak publicly? Why does public speaking fear rank so high? What’s behind this […]

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Between Listening and Speaking is Understanding

The Story A few years ago, I piloted a public speaking and storytelling event with a culturally-diverse audience.  I screened and coached my strongest American speakers to share a personal anecdote about navigating adversity, including their “lessons learned.”  Each speaker spoke for 5-10 minutes, was energetic and engaging and spoke with clear diction at a […]

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