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Kate Middleton’s First Speech: Simple, Sound and Safe

There is no doubt that Kate Middleton projects poise, prestige, and presence. As an international spokesperson, she needs to present authentically and with political savvy. This first speech was self-written and less than four minutes. She did little “wrong,” but from a coaching point of view, I see an opportunity for her to improve. First […]

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Does it Matter if You’re Left or Right?

Humans have different personality types, and one way to differentiate them is what author Daniel Pink calls L-Directed Thinking and R-Directed Thinking. L-Directed Thinkers predominantly use the skills associated with the left side of the brain, and are thus very logical and analytical. R-Directed Thinkers predominately use the skills associated with the right side of […]

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Managing Your Social Media Presence as a Professional

Speaking That Connects’ primary mission is to promote speaking that creates a connection between the speaker and listener. As times change, the ways we connect with people become more numerous and diverse. With social media, for example, we need to consider a couple of questions: Are the connections being managed appropriately? And how are they […]

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