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Sales in All Situations

When most of us think of sales, we think of a formal pitch like the one Don Draper offers in this clip from Mad Men. [youtube=] While Draper gives an excellent sales presentation, “selling” situations manifest in numerous ways outside of formal business. Leading sales expert Daniel Pink, author of To Sell Is Human: The […]

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Mind Reading for Beginners (Sort Of)

While reading The Wichita Eagle’s “Next Element helps groups with conflict, communication”, which discusses a unique Kansas-based corporate consulting agency, one particular passage stood out, “Partner Nate Regier said that he could tell within 15 minutes at a company staff meeting whether there is a problem, what it is, and how deep it is just […]

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Why Reading and Writing, but not Speaking and Listening?

For most of us, reading and writing were part and parcel of our elementary curriculum. We were diligently taught how letters made sounds, sounds made syllables, syllables made words, and words made phrases and sentences. We were taught to process what we read, to read for information and the subtleties that were “between the lines.” […]

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