4 Points of Connection Gets Traction & Rave Reviews!

No matter what your industry, or type of business, 4 Points of Connection will up your game –  expedite your presentation planning, enhance your public speaking confidence and develop your storytelling technique. The 4 Points presentation training is didactic and experiential providing tools and practice to present at your best!  From a networking “elevator speech” to a full-scale business presentation, the goal is ease and excellence as you voice your expertise.

Here’s what some 2018 participants had to say:

I liked being able to get up in front of people and speak. Also, looking at how to do a more engaging opening. 

Owner, Interior Design

I liked the ratio of learning and in the moment practice. Eileen was great at staying in tune as we expressed interests or nervousness and provided tools to make progress. I felt the size of the group and room atmosphere made it easier to be vulnerable and try out new things on the fly. Maybe we were lucky with the group of people, but I felt Eileen established a great atmosphere of support from the very beginning. Breaking down the fears of presentation into simple exercises made them much more approachable. Her honest and direct criticism during our final presentations was super valuable.

Freelance Artist

It was great! I enjoyed being with others that had insecurities, as well! 

Owner, Corporate Interiors

I liked having to think about how to bridge a story with a particular topic. I realize it is better to begin my presentation with a story to capture the attention of your audience as opposed to telling the story later. It was good for me to get the feedback on the eye contact. 

Human Resource Training Entrepreneur

The workshop was very thorough, covering all bases of conceiving, creating, and communicating a memorable message via an oral presentation — from a 30-second “elevator speech” to a 20-minute detailed presentation. 

Entrepreneur, Voice Actor

Eileen’s unique background and approach to addressing so many presentation pitfalls in a short period of time. The number of exercises and interactive nature of them is very helpful. I learned from Eileen’s constructive feedback as I tried these exercises, but I also really liked learning as each of us were critiqued. It seemed to multiply the learning as I would apply what Eileen mentioned to others to myself. I’m honestly amazed at how much we covered in the time we were together. I also really liked how diverse and supportive the group was.  

HR Corporate Professional

 The intimacy of the small group. I like that everyone was encouraged to express their natural selves.

Non-profit Professional


What did I learn?

More people identify themselves as introverts than I would have expected.

Skills are easily taught, but practice makes them “stick.”

Nervousness is manageable!

Storytelling openings make audiences sit up and listen!


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Thank you for staying connected!