4 Points of Connection: Virtual & In-Person

Meeting your Presentation Potential

Your ability to communicate effectively in conversations, discussions and presentations, is your ticket to personal and professional success. While most people have no problem communicating one-to-one, many fear having full control at the front of the room.

Being front and center can trigger self-doubt. It can challenge simplicity of messaging and knowing if you prepared adequately for a particular audience. It also challenges your ability to do many things at once --- engaging a group’s attention, communicating facts accurately and managing slides and technology seamlessly.

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.To be a strong presenter...

  • Connect with your Inner Self

  • Connect with your Message

  • Connect with your Audience

  • Connect with your Body

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How do YOU present?

We developed questions to see where you can "up" your presentation game.

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Take our self-assessment of your presentation strengths and weaknesses. Gain valuable insight on your comfort level as a presenter. Learn where you can improve.

Once you connect the dots on understanding and engaging your audience, anchoring and owning your key message, reflecting on how you think and feel, and then learning to maximize your body communication and minimize physical distraction, you have the tools required to create a powerful and memorable presentation that you can deliver with confidence and connection.

The result?  Personal satisfaction, peer recognition, leadership potential, career growth.

Ready to find out more?

Contact Eileen N. Sinett today to discuss coaching and training for your Corporate Teams to raise the bar on your Leadership Communication.

I’ve hired all sorts of presenters to address our learning organization, the Family Business Center of Pioneer Valley. Our membership of owners of small and medium sized companies want to learn HOW, in addition to WHY, on all sorts of important topics. Eileen Sinett, thoroughly captivated the audience about the hows and whys of eye contact, stance, tone, phrasing, dealing with negative self-talk, short attention span, and so much more.The evaluations of this tough scoring group were extremely positive. I vouch for Eileen’s abilities as a speaker and teacher, and that she demonstrates her skill as she imparts it to others.

~ Ira Bryck, Family Business Center of Pioneer Valley, Amherst, MA

I have worked with Eileen many times over the last 15 years. She has coached me in speaking one-to-one and I was very pleased with the results. I hired her to lead Presentation Skills Workshops with my staff at Merck and Johnson & Johnson. Eileen  takes a personal interest in each person to ensure that they are learning and practicing the material, through frequent follow-ups.  Not only is she very effective, but she improves the confidence of those who work with her.

~ Bill Tortoriello, Facilities Management Merck/ J&J